Covid-19 Update


We would like to confirm to our customers that DyneBow team is continuing to ship regularly worldwide.

However, shipments may be delayed due to the Coronavirus emergency

Notice Regarding Manufacturing and Delivery Delays Related to the 2019-2020 Coronavirus Disease -- (COVID-19) Outbreak:

Thank you for your continued support of DyneBow products.

This notice is to inform you that due to the ongoing 2019/2020 Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, it has been determined that all products distributed by being manufactured in the USA may be subject to delays of 10 to 20 days or more and this is due to social-distancing we practice in US production facilities, and limited transportation availability from postal service. With regard to products manufactured in Europe wher airlines are renewing more flights, there is much less delay and things are returning to normal shipping flow.

  • Men's range:

Because of the rush on women’s activewear, and to satisfy our female customers by reducing delivery delays, we have suspended the production of men’s clothing, we are doing our best to restore the full manufacturing capacity of the men’s range as soon as possible. Be understanding you, men, because “ladies first”!

  • Women's range:

We've also reduced our women's range by removing tops (Tees, crop tops, hoodies… etc), leaving only the most recent and most requested leggings.

  • Travel rewards program:

We have suspended our travel rewards program, until the pandemic subsided around the world.

In order to help some of our clients who find themselves struggling in these times of lockdown –where many have lost their jobs–, we have found it inappropriate to keep the travel bonuses that we have replaced with a referral program that we reward in different ways.


We will notify you regarding release dates and delays as they are determined for each product.

We will be monitoring the situation closely and will strive to release products with as little delay as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and hope for your understanding in this matter